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"Yoga postures have been developed in order to secure a fine physique that is strong as supple without being bulky. But the real aim of the postures is in the way they train and discipline the mind."

BKS Iyengar - "Light on Yoga".

By doing yoga you can become fitter, stronger, more flexible and calm your mind. Most find that they sleep a lot better, have fewer aches and pains and generally cope better with life. Yoga is for everyone young and old alike. But the most popular reason why people do yoga is that they simply feel good.

stiff shoulders
My shoulders and neck feel so much better now that I'm doing yoga.
back pain
My back doesn't hurt any more now that I do yoga regularly.
better sleep
The day I do yoga is my best sleep of the week.
stress free
I used to get so stressed before I started doing yoga.
ccalm and clear
Arup Sen has been teaching yoga since 1993. My main training is in the Iyengar style and I can help you to live a more stress free life and rid you of all those aches and pains.
Yoga has helped me to calm down and to think more clearly.