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I started yoga when I was 15 on holiday in Calcutta, attempting to get my head down in the cobblers pose.

I made up a short stretching routine which I did every day through my teens. At university I got into karate and then a friend introduced me to yoga. We both bought "Light on Yoga" and did the 300-week course at the back of the book. I got to week 72. I did the Iyengar teacher training in 1994 and qualified in 1996. I taught part-time until 1999 when I decided that it was time to teach full time.

I currently teach across London both in Health Clubs and privately.

holiday home
I have a holiday home in Sweden . Have a look at the pictures.
I'm an avid ebay user. Have a look at my ebay page and ask me for tips if you like.
wheel building
I build bicycle wheels. Have a look at my wheel pages or my fixed gear bike
Need a website? Then let me know. And we can make it happen. email me
My main training is in the Iyengar style, but I have also studied Astanga Vinyasa and Shandor's Shadow Yoga.
Want to see my insurance certificate or CV?