Album - songs produced from 2003 to 2005

This is going to be a just a basic download page and some brief comments about the songs.

You will need some sort of media player software on your computer to play the songs, such as

Windows Media Player, Realplayer, itunes or Quicktime. They are all in mp3 format at around

170 kbps resolution. Apologies to those on dial-up, it will take around 20 mins to download each

song. They are all a bit rough and ready but some are a bit more polished. I would love to hear

any comments or feedback. No copyright, but you will let me know, won't you!


download falling apart  
Falling Apart. 4 min 22 secs. 6.1Mb.192 kbps
download third string  
Third String*. 3 min 21 secs. 3.1Mb 128 kbps
download never coming back  
Never Coming Back (to you). 4 min 32 secs. 6.3Mb 192 kbps
download can't stand the noise  
Can't Stand the Noise. 4 min 4 secs 5.7Mb 192 kbps
download nearly burned the house down  
Nearly Burned the House Down*. 3 min 45 secs 3.5Mb 128 kbps
download fell out of the sky  
Fell Out of the Sky*. 2 min 43 secs 3.4Mb 171 kbps
download if it ain't broke  
If It Ain't Broke. 4 min 13 secs 5.9Mb 192 kbps
download hands up  
Hands Up. 3 min 43 secs 4.7Mb 173 kbps (cover song)
download shaving in the dark  
Shaving in the Dark*. 1 min 24 secs 1.4Mb 128 kbps
download half a stone  
Half a Stone*. 1 min 24 secs 1.4Mb 128 kbps

* indicate songs that are also available on the Songfight artist page

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