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Some of my students have been doing yoga longer than I have, but they cannot practice alone. The way that people practice yoga has changed over the last 10 years. There are more classes available so less need to practice alone. But it's still as important as ever.

Film maker James Melloy produced a DVD of a taught yoga session in summer 2005. Length 30 mins and beginner/general level. Price is £5.00 including postage. (It's not commercial so is beta version.) The picture is from the DVD. Download a video clip (3.8Mb)

Instruction CD's
Do self-practice by following a guided class on CD.
DVD yoga session
Short half an hour session with me covering a few basic postures.
Custom CD's
I can make you a custom yoga practice CD to suit your needs. Stiff shoulders? Bad back?
CD beginners course
Currently under development is an 8 week course for beginners on CD with manual.
When I first started yoga I practiced from a book. I read the instructions from the book onto cassette so I didn't have to keep looking at the book. Each month I made a new one.
You need to practice on your own as well as taking classes. These media can help you.