wheelbuilding with arup

Learn to build your own wheels

£95.00 - group
£150.00 - private

Next class - 28/04/13
10.00 - 17.00

Where is it?

Wheel building classes

Since I first floated the idea of running workshops or classes on the lfgss forum in July 2010 there has been a lot of interest in classes that I'm running. The content of the classes will be similar to what I cover in the video tutorials that you can find on this site linked from YouTube. The pictures below are from that first session.

Update June 2013

If you've wondering why I haven't posted any new dates it's because I've been riding Audax and my weekends have been booked up. But do get in touch about one-to-one classes and open days(where you can sit with me and use the tools).

Lacing a 3-cross patternSecuring the nipples

Lacing up a wheel 3-cross (left)

Using a nipple guide (right)

Truing a newly laced wheelRim replacement and lacing

Truing a new wheel (left)

Replacing a rim and lacing (right)

What will I cover in the class?

The class will be run more like a workshop with the focus being on you actually building a wheel and me helping rather than the more traditional lecture style where I demonstrate and you observe. I will be talking and demoing as required but mainly answering questions and helping. Each person has their own individual table with their own truing stand in the teaching room along with other tools. I will aim to cover all the topics listed below but am willing to deviate from the plan to answer specific points raised that day or spend more time on any difficulties experienced.

I must add my usual disclaimer here. You'll be learning my way of lacing 3-cross wheels and tensioning and truing them. This may differ from other methods that you will have seen in books or videos. I'm neither DT Swiss trained nor have I ever worked as a mechanic in bike shop. But I have built hundreds of wheels since 2004 when I first started and have had good feedback about their strength and reliability. I'm not very knowledgeable about the trigonometry or the physics of bicycle wheels.

What you need to bring:

Feel free to contact me if you need help working out your spoke lengths. I will be showing you how to do this on the day but you'll need to bring spokes with you! You can of course ask your LBS to help or take a look at my spoke length calculations page. The videos will show you how to measure the specs and I have written a basic spoke length calculator app on the website that you can use. Any type of oil will be fine, even the cheap 3 in 1 oil from your local pound shop. I normally use wet chain lube such as Green Oil or Linseed Oil.

If you want to learn the technique but don't have parts for your own build you can attend the class but build with used parts that I will provide.

Booking and Payments

I have three categories of classes at the moment. The first being the group class which is small groups of three or four. The second is the private or one-to-one class. And finally just watching. The costs are as follows:

Group7 hours£95.00
Private6 hours£150.00

To book on the next group session click on the Pay Now button where you can pay for the session with your PayPal account or with credit or debit card. Full payment is required to book your place. You will be refunded the full amount if the class does not run. You will be refunded only half of the amount if you cancel within 48 hours.

More details

I have found four to be just the right number for a small group class. Big enough to feel like a class and small enough to get individual attention. Obviously if you wanted my undivided attention then best to go for a private class.

Seven hours will be ample time to have both wheels built and checked along with lunch and questions but it will still seem to fly by.

At the end of the session you'll be going home with a pair of completed wheels. Bear this in mind if you're coming by bike and think about how you'll get them home.

Possible Future Classes

For those who already know how to lace a wheel but feel less confident about the truing and tensioning stages I'm considering a class that only covers the 2nd half of the above class. This skill can then also be applied to other spoke patterns as well as the regular 3-cross pattern.

A class exploring other spoking or lacing patterns such as radial, crow's foot and the snowflake. These sessions would obviously be a lot shorter.