wheelbuilding with arup

This table comprises primarily of fixed hubs and only those that I have measured myself.

Fixed Hub Specs

A list of hub specs for my own reference but I'm posting them here for others to use. Feel free to contribute and I will be updating them as often as I can. All units are in millimeters (mm).

I have given only one dimension for Centre to Flange on track hubs. For front hubs it is all you need and the for rear symmetrical hubs i.e. flip-flop and double fixed. Dish it dead centre. Single sided track hubs do require a slight dish.

Brand F/R OLN Flange C–F Hole Chainline
Campag Recordrear12067.236.12.347
Campag Recordfront10067.233.72.3n/a
Campag Recordrear12066.733.32.444
Condor UNOfront10061.8342.5n/a
Condor UNOrear12061.831.62.542
Dura Ace HB-7600front1006734.42.3n/a
Dura Ace HB-7600rear1206730.52.342
Formula - flip/floprear1206231.82.543
Harris Double Fixedrear1206231.82.543
Miche Primato Large flangefront1006033.32.5n/a
Miche Primato Large flangerear12060372.550
Miche Primato Small flangefront10039.833.52.5n/a
Miche Primato Small flangerear12046.2372.550
On One Double Fixedrear12061.9282.742
Phil Woodfront1006633.62.7n/a
Phil Woodrear12066292.743
Shimano Deore XTfront1004033.52.6n/a
Shimano Deore XTrear13544/4533.8/19.52.6
SJS fixedrear12061.7282.642
SJS fixedfront10061.733.52.6n/a
Suzue Pro Maxfront1006730.52.7n/a
Suzue Pro Maxrear1206734.32.7
System Exfront10062342.5n/a
System Exrear1206231.52.542
Zenith track frontfront1006234.32.6n/a
Zenith Double Fixedrear12061.731.52.642