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P & K Lie Special 250 Truing Stand

In the latter part of the summer of 2014 I made the considered decision of upgrading my wheel truing stand to one that some might hail as being the best in the world. It is the P & K Lie Special 250 wheel truing stand made by p&klie in Germany. This stand holds the wheel more steadily than any other stand I've used and the patented non-linear dial gauges allow for very accurate and precise adjustments to both radial and lateral positions of the rim. Obviously any imperfections in the rim or even logo stickers prevent this level of accuracy.

P & K Lie truing standPatented non-linear dial gauges

P & K Lie Truing Stand (left)

Non-linear dial gauges (right)

Wheel Fanatyk digital spoke tensiometer

Having used the Park TM-1 as my main tensiometer for many years after much consideration and reading of reviews I decided to upgrade to the Wheel Fanatyk digital spoke tensiometer. The other choices that I considered were the DT Swiss Tensio and the Sapim tensiometer. In the end I settled on this choice due to it being closest to the one designed by Jobst Brandt and also a lifetime recalibration privelige from Wheel Fanatyk. They also offer a USB connector in order to collect the tension data for future reference. Being an analytical sort of person this is an attractive option. So far the unit has been very easy to use and performs flawlessly.

The Wheel Fanatyk Digital Spoke tensiometerChecking tension with the Wheel Fanatyk spoke tensiometer

Wheel Fanatyk Spoke Tensiometer (left)

Measuring tension accurately(right)