wheelbuilding with arup

How much does it cost?

The Quote Calculator is only intended as a guide to the total cost of the build. Your final quote could be different to this amount.
I don't stock many parts and order them in for each build. Local collection is from Racer Rosa Bicycles in Walthamstow and from my home in South East London.

Current Prices - from May 2017


Hub or rim replacements will require taking the wheel apart, the cost of which is then added to the above cost of labour. I can true a wheel if it has a slight wobble but if the rim is very bent then truing won't really fix it and a new rim would be required. Resetting the dish of a wheel comes under basic truing and costs the same. I keep used but good spokes which you can have for a cheap build at only 20p each. Spoke calculations are free if they are part of the order and you buy spokes from me. Here are some of the services that I provide. If any of this isn't clear feel free to contact me and discuss - 07950 931213.

There are some services that I don't provide

Spoke cutting and threading

I have a Morizumi SCT (spoke cutting and threading tool) which allows me to cut 14g and 15g (2mm and 1.8mm) spokes to the exact size required for the build. If you have spokes and need them trimmed down to the correct size I can do that for you at 20p per spoke.

£ 30.00 each
£ 60.00 pair

Lacing / spoking patterns

I can offer various lacing patterns with 3-cross being the most standard. Radial, one–cross, two–cross, three–cross and four–cross. I also offer crow’s foot and hybrid lacing. It’s always better to get a new rim if you budget permits rather than use an old one as it’s the part that takes the most stress.

Queueing System

When I have a number of orders at the same time I will build the wheels on a first come first served basis. I will tell you where you are in the queue and expected turnaround time. If you need your wheels built urgently then you can jump to the front of the queue for an extra £10.00

You can pay with Paypal online, cash or with a personal cheque or via bank transfer.

Email me with the link below and ask for a quote if you want me to source parts and build as well. I don’t have any of the parts at home so have to order them which of course adds to the the turnaround time. The typical turnaround time is about 10 days from the time you place your order to the time you have the wheel in your hand.

Guarantee & Refund Policy

I offer a DOA guarantee on wheels that I build. If you find a problem with them prior to using them such as the spokes being loose or the wheel being out of true, or within two weeks of riding them then I'll happily fix them at no extra charge. This guarantee is voided if you or a third party such as a bike shop attempt to fix the problem.

I will refund only the cost of labour should you not wish me to fix the mistakes and are dissatisfied with the service. In order to claim a refund I will require evidence of any faults in the build and that the faults were a result of my own workmanship. I am unable to offer a refund or a fix if the wheels have been ridden for more than two weeks or any attempt has been made to alter the tensions of the spokes.