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Racer Rosa

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Racer Rosa Bicycles

Since late 2010 I've been building wheels for Racer Rosa Bicycles and have become part of their team. Racer Rosa Bicycles specialises in building bicycles to suit your needs. Whether it's a racing bike, touring bike or commuter. They build made to measure frames based on a biomechancal bike fitting which will totally transform your riding experience.

Racer Rosa BicyclesGiuseppe Giannecchini, Pro Bio Mechanic

Racer Rosa Bicycles (left)

Giuseppe, bike fitting (right)

Main work location

I build most of my wheels at Racer Rosa Bicycles in Walthamstow. You can drop-off parts at Racer Rosa and also collect from there. You can also have parts that you've ordered delivered directly to Racer Rosa. I work Racer Rosa sometimes during shop hours and sometimes outside of shop hours too especially when I have lots of orders. It's a chance for you to take a look at the great bikes they have on display and discuss the idea of having a bike fitting or getting a made to measure frame.

After seeing many clients at Racer Rosa getting made to measure frames I finally caved in and got myself one too.

Racer Rosa workshopRacer Rosa workshop tools

Workshop, Racer Rosa (left)

Workshop tools, Racer Rosa (right)

Getting there

Racer Rosa is very close to Walthamstow station on Central Parade. The full address is below. Directions can be found on their contact page.

Racer Rosa
6-10 Central Parade
137 Hoe Street
London E17 4RT