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Wheel building video tutorials

These videos were shot in my little attic room in Southall where I lived from Feb 2009 to June 2010. My plan was to find some film students or amateur film makers who could make a series of short movies of me teaching a novice rather like a cookery programme. It was too much to organise in the end even though I did get some people coming forward to help. In the end I used a super compact camera held in one hand while I demonstrated with the other.

Spoke length calculations

Before you can begin the process of building a wheel you'll need your hub, rim and spokes. The spokes will need to be of the correct length for a particular pattern which involves a spoke length calculation. I have created a short set of videos on measuring hubs and rims in order to have your values to calculate your spoke lengths. I have some hub specs on my hubs page and a spoke length calculator which I have written myself. I will also be adding a page with a list of common rim ERD values to help you with this.

Lacing videos for 3-cross wheels

I tend to look at the wheel building process as a game of two halves. The former being the lacing or spoking. The first set of videos deal with this part of the process for wheels laced using a 3-cross pattern. There are 13 short videos.

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Tensioning and truing videos

The second half of the wheel building process is the truing and tensioning. The second set of videos can be applied to any spoking pattern not just the 3-cross. There are 17 short videos.

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