wheelbuilding with arup

Why get your wheels hand built by Arup or by an independent wheel builder.

Why wheels by Arup?

I asked previous clients why they would choose to have their wheels built by myself or by an independent wheel builder as opposed to buying off the peg wheels.

Testimonials and feedback

Prices are very favourable and it is done when he says it'll be done.

Overall great service and very informative website.

Great service really happy with the wheelbuild too, thanks!

Great wheels, great guy, very tuned in (if you'll parden the pun) to what most fixed wheeled cyclists want and that's reflected in his choice of components, it was also a very quick turnaround - recommended!

Wheels seem very good, I'd happily have your stickers on them and thanks for the prompt build

I like the website it is quite factual / content driven.

Arup was very helpful when I enquired about him building me a set of wheels. My knowledge of fixed gear bikes and wheels was very limited at the time but he always replied to my email questions regardless of how trivial or simple they seemed to him. I've had the wheels Arup built me for over a year now and had no problems.

Ended up with some good strong, trouble free wheels, at a decent price, that were right for an early 90s Holdsworth. The experience was pretty effortless. I dropped off hubs and rims and picked up full wheels the next week. Good quality spokes and rim tape were supplied. I like the website, I have rebuilt a few wheels following the Arup method with decent results although I think the spokes maybe a bit tight.

Wheels are still going strong three years later with only the slightest true needed. Cheap, friendly and quick service. Something that you won't get in most places

I thought the whole thing was great. It was nice meeting someone with no intention of ripping me off, who offered genuine advice and even seemed genuinely excited about the prospect of building a wheelset for me!

Excellent service, very good price and beautiful wheels

Good wheel build, they have been running true for a while now, the service was very good and the web site was very useful in choosing the final build

The wheels are excellent, the website is a superb resource and Arup's service is second to none.

Friendly and helpful service. Very good price and the wheelset didn't need truing for 2 years (ridden daily). All in all very happy, I think the personal touch helps a lot. The site is well laid out and very informative. Would definitely use Arup for my next wheelbuild.

Professional, friendly, open, flexible, shares the skill and knowledge, good value for money, always good advice, never had any problems with any of the builds. Good amount of info on website. Good luck Arup! Keep up the good work!

I was very pleased with the service I recieved. I managed to get my wheel trued and tensioned during my luch break. I was extremly happy with the prices as well.

Service is great, turnaround quick and price low, what more could you ask for! Keep it up

Arup's wheels are still as true as the day I picked them up, despite some abuse. He was very friendly and knowledgeable and I would happily use him again in the future.

The wheels seem true and good, the website was clear, the pricing was good. Arup was very flexible in meeting my needs and helpful in providing information to allow me to source parts cost effectively. If there's one thing I'd ask Arup to do more of it would be to talk through the whole process a bit more openly and clearly at the beginning, including his expectations.

I was very happy with the pair of rims that Arup fitted to my existing hubs, it was a more tricky job than either of us expected, he did it both quickly and beautifully. I'm very pleased with the job he did.

I think commuters like me 'simply' need the toughest possible wheels at affordable prices. Big bike shops do not seem able to supply these, offering either hopelessly weak wheels or very expensive wheels. Frankly I think Arup is too cheap for the excellent service he offers.

Honest service, clear and easily navigated website. Rocking up to your front door to collect the wheels always feels a bit odd, but not significantly so.

The service was good, turnaround time fast and the finished wheels are great - perfectly true. I found the website fine for getting a quote for the wheels

No complaints! :) Friendly service, and the website was rich in information which I liked. The wheels have had no issues, still true as ever.

It's clear from the amount of wheels you have on the go that people trust you to do the job and keep coming back. The personal service is great too, and you come across as friendly and trust worthy chap. Your prices seem very reasonable and you respond quickly. I wouldn't want to see anything change really!

Re: the logo sticker. It's just that I prefer not to have any logos/stickers on my wheels at all (I tend to remove the stickers on the hubs). If I didn't do that, then I wouldn't mind in theory though. Otherwise, yes, good service. Very happy with the wheel.

Very helpful website. Even tells me how to do it myself if I want to. Email to follow

Website looks professional and well made, friendly service with fast response, bullet proof durable wheels... i can't ask for anything more.