Does Asana integrate with basecamp?

The most powerful Asana-Basecamp integration. Integrate Asana and Basecamp to build powerful two-way workflows across teams. Sync tasks, to dos, projects, assignees, custom fields, and more to build alignment and ease collaboration.

What does basecamp integrate with?

Connect Basecamp with 50+ apps. Slack, Gmail, Trello, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Wufoo, Pipedrive and more.

Is asana similar to basecamp?

Bottom Line: Both solutions offer similar features for teams to assign tasks, track project milestones and share files. However, Basecamp offers an in-app chat tool, while Asana doesn’t. Asana does offer a team page feature, where users can see all conversations on a specific project in one space.

Can basecamp integrate with teams?

Send instant messages to users or channels in Microsoft Teams. Stay on top of your task list by automatically creating, updating and organizing them in Basecamp 3. Do much more by connecting Basecamp 3 and Microsoft Teams.

Does basecamp integrate with smartsheet?

Create new rows, search and update them in Smartsheet. Stay on top of your task list by automatically creating, updating and organizing them in Basecamp 3.

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How good is basecamp?

Basecamp is also better than most project management apps at facilitating conversation and discussion because there’s more emphasis on it than project management apps have. If you need a project management app, PCMag’s top picks for small businesses are Zoho Projects and Teamwork Projects.

Can basecamp replace slack?

Basecamp allows you to communicate quite efficiently. It has many more ways to have conversations than, for example, Asana. Basecamp even claims it’s able to replace Slack due to its Campfire chat.

Is notion better than asana?

Because Asana is the easiest way to manage team projects, processes, and tasks, stay productive, and deliver better work faster. Notion is a tool for teams and companies that want a better way to manage knowledge, projects, documents, and collaboration.

Which is better Asana or slack?

While Slack is primarily a team communication tool, Asana is a project management software. These tools can’t really substitute each other without integrations with third-party apps. Although, Slack has a means for coordinating your teamwork, while Asana provides some ways for communication.

Is basecamp better than trello?

Trello offers better features, a better user experience, a better interface, better support, and better integrations than Basecamp and only really falls slightly short in the pricing department.

Does basecamp have video conferencing?

Pings let you chat in real time with anyone on the same Basecamp account. have fun with sounds, video, and emoji!

How much does basecamp cost?

Basecamp has a simple pricing structure. It’s a straight $99/month for unlimited people and projects. Basecamp’s price is all-inclusive, which means all tools, support, live classes, security, privacy, and 99.99% uptime comes with this flat fee.

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Can basecamp integrate with Google Calendar?

With iCal feeds, you can add your Basecamp events and to-dos to almost any calendar program, including Outlook, iCal, and Google Calendar. …

How does basecamp integrate Clockify?

Basecamp Time Tracking Integration

  1. Create Clockify account. Sign up here for free.
  2. Install our browser extension for time tracking. Get extension for Chrome or Firefox.
  3. Start timer inside Basecamp. …
  4. Timer starts ticking. …
  5. Sync projects. …
  6. Run time reports and manage projects.

How do I integrate slack with basecamp?

Basecamp 3 + Slack Integrations

  1. Post new Basecamp 3 activity to a Slack channel. …
  2. Add Slack channel messages as Basecamp 3 to-dos. …
  3. Post new Basecamp 3 to-dos to a Slack channel. …
  4. Create Slack channels from new Basecamp 3 projects. …
  5. Post new Basecamp 3 messages to a Slack channel. …
  6. Post new Basecamp 3 activity to Slack channels.

Does basecamp integrate with OneDrive?

Arrange your files, folders and content in Microsoft OneDrive with automated workflows. Stay on top of your task list by automatically creating, updating and organizing them in Basecamp 3. Do much more by connecting Basecamp 3 and Microsoft OneDrive.