How do I check my karma coverage?

How do I check my karma code coverage?

To enable this, open the Karma test platform configuration file, karma. conf. js , and add the check property in the coverageReporter: key. The check property causes the tool to enforce a minimum of 80% code coverage when the unit tests are run in the project.

How do I set up Karma-coverage?

Karma can generate code coverage using awesome Istanbul. If you want to generate the coverage, you need to configure up to three parts: preprocessor coverage (required)

type #

  1. html (default)
  2. lcov (lcov and html)
  3. lcovonly.
  4. text.
  5. text-summary.
  6. cobertura (xml format supported by Jenkins)

What is karma code coverage?

Same goes for karma-phantomjs-launcher, which loads PhantomJS browser into Karma, in order to be used in browsers configuration, or karma-coverage, which provides code coverage reports using Istanbul. … The coverage reporter will create a coverage report for every browser that the tests are run in.

What is Karma Jasmine HTML?

Reporter that dynamically shows tests results at debug. You can also run a describe block, or a single test. …

How do you generate a code coverage report?

Generate the report

  1. From the main menu, select Run | Generate Coverage Report, or click. in the Coverage tool window. …
  2. In the Generate Coverage Report dialog, specify the directory in which the generated report should be stored, and optionally select the Open generated HTML in browser checkbox. …
  3. Click Save.
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What is karma preprocessor?

Preprocessors in Karma allow you to do some work with your files before they get served to the browser. These are configured in the preprocessors block of the configuration file: preprocessors: { ‘**/*.

What is Istanbul code coverage?

Istanbul is a test coverage tool that works with many different frameworks. It tracks which parts of your code are executed by your unit tests. Thus, you can use Istanbul to view and see coverage gaps, or you can integrate it integrated into your CI pipeline to enforce coverage levels.

What are angular test coverage branches?

What is Branch Testing? Branch coverage is a testing method, which aims to ensure that each one of the possible branch from each decision point is executed at least once and thereby ensuring that all reachable code is executed. That is, every branch taken each way, true and false.

How do I increase Jasmine code coverage?

You need to perform the following steps to generate the code coverage report for uncovered branches/code: First, you need to create a spec file ( CurrencyConverter_tests_coverage_spec. js ) under the /spec folder and get the following code from the spec file ( CurrencyConverter_tests_spec.

What is branch coverage in Jasmine?

Branch coverage tracks which of those branches have been executed so you can ensure all routes are tested properly.

What is Istanbul in angular?

Istanbul instruments your ES5 and ES2015+ JavaScript code with line counters, so that you can track how well your unit-tests exercise your codebase. The nyc command-line-client for Istanbul works well with most JavaScript testing frameworks: tap, mocha, AVA, etc.

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What code coverage means?

Code coverage is the percentage of code which is covered by automated tests. Code coverage measurement simply determines which statements in a body of code have been executed through a test run, and which statements have not. … Code coverage is part of a feedback loop in the development process.

What is a karma reporter?

Test reporter, that prints detailed results to console (similar to mocha’s spec reporter).

How do I use karma coverage in Istanbul reporter?

Babel users should use the istanbul babel plugin to instrument your code and webpack + typescript users should use the coverage-istanbul-loader and then use this karma reporter to do the actual reporting. See the test config for an e2e example of how to combine them.