How do I watch the Yoga Collective?

Is the Yoga Collective on Roku?

We do not have a Native Roku App. … The only way to watch using Roku is outlined below through an App called iWebTV.

How can I get yoga on my TV?

How do I watch Yoga Anytime on my TV using Chromecast?

  1. Download/update the newest Google Chrome browser.
  2. Set up your Chromecast device. …
  3. Choose a Yoga Anytime video in the Chrome browser and begin playing.
  4. Near the top right corner of your browser, click open the Menu icon. …
  5. Under “Cast to,” select your Chromecast from the device list.

What is a yoga collective?

The Yoga Collective is a premier online yoga studio that provides yoga and wellness classes through its website and mobile app. … The Yoga Collective provides classes for all levels, styles, duration and focuses, and provides users with great search filters to customize their classes.

How do I cancel my yoga collective membership?

How To Cancel Your Subscription

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Click on “Yoga Profile” in the menu bar and then click on “Account” in the drop down menu. …
  3. Click on the Subscription tab and to the right of your membership you will see a link that says “Cancel” or on a cell device it will appear below where it says “Actions”
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How do I watch Yoga Collective on Firestick?

How To Watch Videos on TV

  1. You can connect your laptop or iPad to your TV via an HDMI cord. …
  2. Use Google Chromecast and cast your video along with our App.
  3. Use Apple TV and cast your video with our App or view through Safari.
  4. Use Amazon Firestick and cast with our App or use the Firefox or Swift Browser.


Who owns the Yoga Collective?

Our Owner, Nicole D’Angelo

She is a licensed master social worker, certified health coach and a 200-hour yoga and meditation teacher. TYC is now a virtual studio for teachers to practice self-care and enroll in continuing education courses.

Can I get yoga on my smart TV?

Echelon will bring its FitPass app to all 2018 and 2019 Smart TVs. You’ll score 20 free trial classes as well. FitPass integrates with Echelon’s connected equipment, but also lets you take classes around strength training, yoga, pilates, Zumba and many others. It’s well rounded to say the least.

Can I get a yoga app on my smart TV?

Your Android TV has loads of inspirational apps, from yoga to spinning. … Because you can get Google Play on Sony Android TV, you have access to all kinds of amazing fitness apps.

Which is the best yoga app?

The Best Yoga Apps of 2020

  • Daily Yoga.
  • Yoga Studio.
  • Down Dog.
  • Asana Rebel.
  • Glo.
  • Gaia.
  • DDP Yoga.
  • Yoga – Track Yoga.


How much is yoga collective membership?

A perfect choice for beginner yogis to zero in on practicing certain skills.

The Yoga Collective Features:

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Yogatique Promo: 25% off membership!
Monthly Cost: $15 $11.25
Annual or Biannual Cost: Annual: $150 $112.50 Biannual: N/A
Free Trial: Yes, 7 days
Mobile App: Yes

What are the best online yoga classes?

The Best Online Yoga Classes, According to an Obsessive Yogi

  • Alo Moves. $20. $20. …
  • Y7 Online Studio (Month Membership) $16. …
  • Modo Yoga Online. $60. …
  • Sky Ting TV. $20. …
  • Amazon Prime 30 Days of Yoga To a New You. From $2. …
  • CorePower Yoga On Demand. $20. …
  • Peloton Digital Membership. $13.