Is Zen account wide STO?

Ships previously purchased with Zen will remain available Account-Wide for Reclaim via Ship Requisition Stores, but all future purchases of these ships bought with Dilithium will be Character-Only.

Are Lobi store ships account wide?

Lobi Crystals are bound to account, and can only be passed between characters via the account bank.

How much does Zen cost STO?

Zen Discounts and Pack Sale!

Item Price Discounted Price
1000 Zen $9.99 $7.99
2000 Zen $19.99 $15.99
5300 Zen $49.99 $39.99
11,000 Zen $99.99 $74.99

Where is the Zen Store Star Trek Online?

On PS4 and Xbox One: Press the Menu Button. Navigate down to Store > Zen Store.

Can you trade ships in STO?

When you purchase this item, it will appear in your inventory in a reward pack that is tradeable to other players! Mail it or trade it to your friends, and gift the people in your life a brand new T6 ship of their choice. … (You just can’t put it in the Exchange.)

What does Zen do in 2k?

The Zen OLED Menu System has built in screensaver protection to help protect against screen burn. It will kick in after 3 minutes of inactivity.

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How do you convert Dilithium to Zen?

Transfer may be accomplished with a 2 step process:

  1. The character sending Refined Dilithium needs to create a “Buy ZEN” order for a low price that is below the current prevailing exchange rate. …
  2. The character receiving then needs to log in, cancel the existing “Buy ZEN” order and Withdraw.

Are lockbox ships account wide?

The ships are all account wide unlocks and that is a very important distinction for the normally tradeable Amarie and temporal ships. Typically when you buy a ship on the exchange it is packaged in a box that can be opened by any one of your characters.

How do you get ARC points?

Arc Points are a currency used in the Arc app on the Xbox One and PC. They can be earned by completing challenges on Xbox One, and may be spent on a variety of rewards.

Can you buy energy credits on Star Trek Online?

You can purchase STO Credits easily on our website. MMOGA guarantees for quality and quickness. Choose the desired amount of STO Credits and your server, then send us your order.

What is the best starship in Star Trek Online?

[Top 10] Star Trek Online Best Ships

  • D’Khellra Warbird Battlecruiser. …
  • Federation Heavy Battlecruiser. …
  • Odyssey Science Cruiser. …
  • Vaadwaur Miracle Worker Juggernaut. …
  • Jem’Hadar Strike Ship. …
  • Sarcophagus Dreadnought Carrier. …
  • Valkis Temporal Heavy Dreadnought Warbird. …
  • Kelvin Timeline Intel Dreadnought Cruiser.


How do you get master keys in STO?

A Master Key is used to unlock a single Lock Box. Lock Boxes can be found during gameplay, either from completing missions or as a drop from enemies. They may also be purchased from the Dilithium Store, the Zen Store, or the Exchange.

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