Quick Answer: What do I do with my yoga wheel?

Are Yoga wheels good for your back?

Using a yoga wheel to stretch and lengthen the spine improves overall posture, reduces back pain, and reverses the negative effects brought from a sedentary lifestyle or office environment. … The 12” diameter of the wheel offers a deep stretch through the entire spine and drops the shoulders back to correct poor posture.

How do you use a yoga roller wheel?

Place the yoga wheel directly behind your back, aligned and parallel with your spine, your hands holding it lightly in place. Take a breath in and, as you exhale, lean backward, extending your spine over the top of the wheel, releasing your hands to allow the wheel to move with your body as you perform the backbend.

Is it worth buying a yoga wheel?

Contrary to the yoga strap (which you use to get rid of eventually), the yoga wheel is an excellent aid for beginners who need help in more advanced yoga poses. And, it has immense potential for advanced yogis who can use the yoga wheel to uplevel their yoga practice, making challenging yoga poses even harder.

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Is Wheel pose bad for your back?

Further, poses such as Bridge, Wheel, and Cobra require flexion of the spine, which is known to cause harmful stress. In addition to this, the curvature of the spine that this pose requires can cause the vertebrae or nerves to become pinched, muscles spasms, and back soreness, particularly in the lower spine.

What size yoga Wheel is best?

Beyond that, the size of your yoga wheel will also be something to think about. They come in sizes ranging from 6 to 15 inches in diameter and about 5 to 7 inches in width. Consider opting for a larger size as it provides more support (12 inches is the most comfortable size for most people).

What are the benefits of wheel pose?


  • Stretches the chest and lungs.
  • Strengthens the arms and wrists, legs, buttocks, abdomen, and spine.
  • Stimulates the thyroid and pituitary.
  • Increases energy and counteracts depression.
  • Therapeutic for asthma, back pain, infertility, and osteoporosis.


How do you use a yoga wheel for lower back pain?

Yoga Wheel as Back Massager

Use blankets or blocks around the wheel if you need to when you first try it out to lessen the depth of the backbend. Gently sit in front of the yoga wheel and lower your back down. You might try lifting your hips and knees up off the ground. Find that perfect spot and relax….

Is a yoga wheel good for beginners?

Below are our 7 easy exercises beginners can do using the yoga wheel to safely stretch, strengthen, and tone your body! This is a great beginners stretch and useful for really getting into the back and shoulders. … Slowly bring your legs upwards while making sure the wheel is firmly holding in place under your abdomen.

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Is the chirp wheel better than other yoga wheels?

The primary difference between the Chirp Wheel and a conventional yoga wheel is the design. The groove provides a 4-way stretch as you roll, where a yoga wheel only offers 2-way stretching. … The result is better performance and a deeper stretch with the Chirp Wheel.

Does the chirp wheel pop your back?

The Chirp Wheel will effortlessly release your lower back tension and roll out the tied up muscles that cause pain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain as well. … The patented Spinal Canal provides a 4-way stretch for your spine and the ergonomic design of the wheel provides the deep tissue massage you’re searching for.