What are spiritual values in value education?

Findings of the study revealed a list of spiritual values, namely, benevolence, charity, dignity, forbearance, hope, humility, kindness, loving, modesty, peace, perseverance, piety, repentance, righteous, sacredness, sincerity, steadfastness, striving, trusting, truthfulness, unity, and wisdom.

What are spiritual moral values?

Appreciation of spiritual and moral values informs the life of the truly educated person. When this happens a moral context is given to what one does with the knowledge one has gained. The Chapel exists to give direction to the implementation of spiritual and religious values in character formation.

What is the value of spirituality?

It can be defined as “a deep sense of belonging, of wholeness, of connectedness, and of openness to the infinite (Easvaradoss, 2013).” By making your spirituality a focus in your life you will begin to see how it helps you to deal with life’s challenges and become a better, more whole and content person.

What is spiritual education?

Spiritual education is training people for life. … By giving children the tools and understanding to make the right choices in life, we can lead them to lasting happiness. Then they will be able to achieve the kind of spiritual victories that are the true meaning of success.

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How does education affect values and spirituality?

Education in values can make a significant impact on many of social ills that exist due to lack of values. … Education in human values and spirituality contributes to shifting deeply entrenched social attitudes, which are antagonistic to women and people of lower caste who legally have the same rights as everyone else.

What are good morals and values to have?

While morals tend to be driven by personal beliefs and values, there are certainly some common morals that most people agree on, such as:

  • Always tell the truth.
  • Do not destroy property.
  • Have courage.
  • Keep your promises.
  • Do not cheat.
  • Treat others as you want to be treated.
  • Do not judge.
  • Be dependable.

How do we respect spiritually?

The first way you can begin to respect different forms of spirituality is to learn about them. Even if you don’t agree with someone’s beliefs or practices, learning more about what they believe, and why, could help you respect their decision to make these beliefs an important part of their life.

How important is spirituality to your life now?

Knowing the meaning to life is one of the main reasons why spirituality is important to most people. Reflecting on whom you are as a person can expand your knowledge about what human existence means in general. Spiritual customs and teachings help people heal from sustained pain and hurt. …

What is the role of spirituality in your life?

To restore hope and optimism: Spirituality can help people develop a more hopeful outlook on life. To find a sense of community and support: Because spiritual traditions often involve organized religions or groups, becoming a part of such a group can serve as an important source of social support.

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What are examples of spirituality?

Spirituality is the state of having a connection to God or the spirit world. An example of spirituality is praying every day.

Why Being spiritual is important?

Those with good spiritual health typically display hope, a positive outlook, forgiveness/self-acceptance, commitment, meaning and purpose, a sense of self-worth, clear values, and feelings of peace.

What are the purposes of spiritual and moral education?

explore and establish values such as wisdom, justice, compassion and integrity and engage in the development of and reflection upon my own moral values. develop my beliefs, attitudes, values and practices through reflection, discovery and critical evaluation.

What is a spirit awakening?

What is a spiritual awakening? … Call it “nirvana”; call it “enlightenment”; call it “bliss”; a spiritual awakening begins the moment a person can step back and “awake” to their life with a new sense of being in this world.

How does distance learning affect you spiritually?

The study revealed that the following were consistent with presuppositions that spiritual formation occur in online courses: (a) enhanced spiritual formation as a result of increased knowledge, community development, and personal growth; (b) positively impacted spiritual development in light of peer and faculty …

What is the most important aspect of education?

If formal education is for equipping young people with skills and knowledge for the workplace, then academia and current developments in academic thinking should be reflected in teaching, that is the most important aspect of education: making sure it’s up-to-date. New technologies being the best example of that.

What are the three aspects of education?

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Aspects of Education.

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