Can I learn Vipassana meditation online?

To learn the technique, one can enrol in a course (links provided below). More information about Vipassana can be found on the Vipassana Website. My course is called The Creator’s Meditation.

Can you learn Vipassana online?

Never ever try to learn Vipassana from books or online tools. I won’t recommend it. If you really want to learn it, register at any of their centers. If you have some reasons for not being able to attend it, please understand well that it is after all a question of priorities.

Can you do 10 day Vipassana at home?

You can’t. You must attend at least one course to understand it before practising on your own. I suggest the Goenka’s 10 days Vipassana Meditation course which is free, all food and accommodation provided, donated by old students.

How do I join Vipassana meditation?

How to Apply

  1. Read the Introduction to the Technique so you are familiar with the practice before you arrive.
  2. Read the Code of Discipline page carefully, as you will be required to follow it during your course.
  3. Review the Upcoming Course List and choose a course that is suitable for your schedule.
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Can Vipassana be bad for you?

– Is Vipassana safe? The answer is a resounding No. In this article, you will learn how Vipassana can harm you, both physically and psychologically. You will also learn how to benefit from Vipassana while avoiding the harm it can bring.

Is online Vipassana effective?

Taught by the Buddha, Vipassana meditation is arguably the most famous and effective form of meditation. … During the Live Online Retreat, you will be guided to practice the foundational techniques of Vipassana, and follow the core principles of the philosophy.

What are the benefits of Vipassana meditation?

What Are The Benefits of Vipassana Meditation?

  • Know Yourself. …
  • Quiet The Mind. …
  • Discipline Your Thoughts and Improve Concentration. …
  • Empower Resilience, Non-Judgment and Detachment. …
  • Improve Your Physical Health. …
  • Cultivate Inner Peace. …
  • Discover True, Unconditional Joy. …
  • Live In The Present Moment.


Can I practice Vipassana at home?

If you’re interested in trying Vipassana meditation at home, follow these steps: Set aside 10 to 15 minutes to practice. It’s recommended that you do Vipassana when you first wake up in the morning. Choose a quiet area with little to no distractions.

What is taught in Vipassana?

Vipassana is a gentle-yet-thorough technique of meditation. According to, it is an observation-based, self-exploratory jounrey that focuses on deep interconnection between the mind and body, which is realised through disciplined attention to the physical sensations.

What are the stages of Vipassana?

The stages of insight outlined by the Vimuttimagga are:

  • Comprehension (廣觀)
  • Rise and fall (起滅)
  • Dissolution (滅)
  • Fear & disadvantage & disenchantment (畏 & 過患 & 厭離)
  • Delight in deliverance & equanimity (樂解脫 & 捨)
  • Conformity (相似)
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What is Dhamma according to Buddha?

The Dhamma , as taught by the Buddha , is about overcoming dissatisfaction or suffering, which Buddhists call dukkha . The Dhamma refers to Buddhist doctrine and is often interpreted to mean the ‘teachings of the Buddha’. … It encourages Buddhists to follow the Noble Eightfold Path and to practise meditation .

How do I get to Dhamma Paphulla?

Dhamma Paphulla is about 23 Kms from Bangalore City Railway Station and 16 Kms from Yeshwantpur Railway Station. One needs to travel 3 kms off the Tumkur Road / Bangalore-Pune Highway (NH-4), to reach the location.

Is Vipassana brainwashed?

Brainwash technically means someone pressurizing you through force or by twisting facts and figures to make you believe or do something which makes them profit or push their agenda forward. Vipassana however, is a meditation technique given by Buddha which teaches you how to observe things without reacting to them.

What does Vipassana feel like?

The feeling was intensely physical but not sexual, and one of the most pleasurable experiences I’ve ever had. My senses at this point felt like they were sharpened to a fine point. Stepping out of the meditation hall into the sunlight, I could follow the path of a fly in almost slow motion.

How difficult is Vipassana?

Meditation, especially on a retreat, is hard work. … It’s arduous, challenging, nerve-wrecking, incredibly painful, and boring at times. Many people leave retreats prematurely and many others think about it simply because it’s too hardcore.