Can you archive sections in asana?

This is a request to add the feature to Sections functionality. Currently you can rename or delete a section, but archiving it is not an option. With the update, there’s no way to hide the section without deleting it, which requires deleting all the tasks that were in it.

How do I archive completed tasks in asana?

Tasks can’t be archived, but they can be marked completed; if you need to mark multiple ones completed at once, simply use the multiselect function and mark all your tasks completed in one click!

How do I archive tasks?

In the task list, locate the task you’d like to archive. Right-click anywhere on the task row and select Archive from the resulting pop-up menu. Once a task (and its subtasks, if any) is archived, it is considered View Only and can only be accessed when View Archived Tasks is selected.

How do you delete a section in asana?

To delete a section:

Click on the three dot icon next to the section header. Select Delete Section.

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How do I duplicate a section in asana?

highlight all Tasks you want to duplicate. do Ctrl+C. go to the Section you’ve created. do CTRL+V.

How do I find archived projects in asana?

I reached out to Asana support and apparently, they will appear if you recently visited these archived projects. The only option to find archived projects is by scrolling through the archived products list under the team on the sidebar.

How do I recover a deleted task in Asana?

To view and restore deleted items that you created or deleted:

  1. Click Show more… in the sidebar. The sidebar can be collapsed. …
  2. To restore a deleted task, click the trash can icon.
  3. To delete a task permanently, click on the task and then click Delete Permanently in the right pane.

Where are my archived Clickups?

How to Show Archived Folder and Lists:

  1. Expand your left sidebar.
  2. Hover over Spaces and click the Settings icon.
  3. Click Show archived.

How do I unarchive a click up?

How to Unarchive a Space:

  1. Click on your profile avatar and select Spaces from the pop-up menu.
  2. Select the Archived Spaces tab.
  3. Click Restore on the Space to unarchive it.

Click on the Task Title you want to unarchive from the archive list to open the Task Details side panel. Select the Unarchive icon (” “) from the top-right of the Task Details side panel. You can only unarchive one task at a time. Click OK to unarchive the task.

Can you move Asana tasks between projects?

Select all of the tasks you want to move, then simply drag them over to the other project in the sidebar. They’ll automatically be placed at the top of the other project, so you’ll just need to reorder them. Done!

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How do I see subtasks in asana?

If you would like to view your subtasks in your Project view, you can do so by going into the subtask details ( and using Tab+P to open the project field or by going to the upper right drop-down and selecting “Add to Project.” This will put the subtask in …

How do I create sections in asana?

In order to create a new Section, you can either click the dropdown arrow at the top of your task list and select Add Section or you can use the new shortcut TAB+N.

To add a new section and task:

  1. Click on +Add section.
  2. Name the new section.
  3. Add a task to the section.

Can you duplicate boards in asana?

To import projects or tasks into Asana, you can also duplicate the tasks you’d like to move to Asana as a list, and paste that list into a project. Asana will automatically create a new task after each line break.

Can you duplicate multiple tasks at once in asana?

You can multi-select tasks, and then use Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V to copy and paste a list of task wherever you want (but it won’t copy assignees and dates, just the title of the tasks).

Can you duplicate a column in asana?

I use Asana on the Business plan. It seems a bit crazy that there is no way to duplicate a column.