Does Zen love MC in every route?

He’s protective of her in every route. No matter what changes in the game as you play through, Zen always cares deeply for MC and suggests that they should’ve been together.

Does Zen love you in Yoosungs route?

Just finished Yoosung’s and….it’s unmistakable Zen likes MC in this route. …

Does jumin like MC in Zen’s route?

Jumin fully supports mc being with the other 4 members because it ensures her happiness. He just wants her to be happy. it’s clearer in his route that he wants to protect her 24/7.

Does jumin love you in every route?

Jumin, Zen and 707 each love you in every route and they talk about how you shouldn’t be playing the game late at night. Find this Pin and more on Mystic Messenger by Izaya Orihara.

Does 707 Love MC in every route?

It’s clear that 707 cares deeply for you in every route, but it’s open to interpretation on whether it can be classified as “love”. It’s arguable that he just cares deeply for you as a friend.

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Is Jaehee in love with Zen?

Some of the characters assume that Jaehee likes Zen as more than just a friend, but she always denies it by saying that she’s just his friend and a fan. Zen doesn’t seem to be romantically interested in her on other’s route, but on Jaehee’s route it’s really visible that he cares about her deeply.

Is Zen an albino?

Zen (stylized as ZEN) is the stage name of Hyun Ryu (류현, Ryu Hyeon), a 24-year-old musical stage artist. He has pale skin, red-brown colored eyes, and white-colored hair that is short at the front and long at the back, implying that he’s an albino.

Does MC end up with Zen?

In Bad Story End 1, Zen and MC are married and Jaehee is an alcoholic; in Bad Story End 3, MC takes Jaehee’s job as Jumin’s assistant. In the Normal End, the friendship is put at risk by Jumin asking MC to work for him. In the good ending, Jaehee finds what Nameless!

Why is 707 depressed?

Outside the chat room, and behind the humorous front he puts up, Seven is actually quite depressed and serious, and he refuses to believe that anything good can happen to him. This is due to his past and his profession, as he thinks that he will endanger anyone he gets close to.

What is Zen’s real name?

Zen (real name Hyun Ryu) is one of the main characters available through the Casual Story in Mystic Messenger.

Can you date Zen in Mystic Messenger?

Handsome and looking for love, Zen is only available in Mystic Messengers Casual mode and is kind of the “default” love interest; he makes his interest apparent fairly early, and the story of Mystic Messenger makes most sense when you begin with a Zen playthrough.

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How did yoosung lose his eye?

There, Yoosung manages to save Seven from being coerced into pulling the trigger on another bomb as well as the one in the apartment but is caught by the Hacker when trying to flee with Seven, resulting in him losing an eye.

Is jumin a Yandere?

Being a yandere-lover, I actually had fun in the route. … Oh, how I love these cage guys.) Well, actually, Jumin won’t lock you up in a cage, but he does mention it more than once – in the chatroom, and even in calls. With that said, if you’re looking for a male yandere, Jumin is your guy!

Is Saeyoung older than Saeran?

Saeran: He’s the older one. And he never misses a chance to shove it in my face. Saeyoung: That’s right! I was born six minutes before Saeran!

Is 707 the true ending?

This is regarding the 707 Reset Theory. Most people believe that Seven is actually the true ending based on the main game because out of all of the RFA members, he breaks the fourth wall the most. … But at the end of the day, just like all the other theories regarding MysMe, this is not canon.

Is Mystic Messenger dangerous?

I understand your concern, but I play mystic messenger, too, and its really fun! Its a little pretend dating simulator, where your presented characters and you get to chose which one you want to end up with. Its completely safe and there is no inappropriate stuff on it.