Is Cronus Zen better than XIM apex?

Yeah BS. Cronus Zen is far behind the XIM apex. Zen m/kb conversion is trash, and the fact that their stuck up attitude makes it even more trash.

Can you use Cronus Zen with XIM apex?

Re: Xim and Cronus zen

Zen is unlikely to ever have a patch for XIM APEX (they laughably think Zen is better for m/kb) and Zen is not capable of supporting 500 & 1000Hz Response Rates on XIM APEX because Zen’s processing loop tops out at 4.5ms. Even 250ms is likely to cause sync issues given Zen’s odd loop timing.

Is XIM apex the best?

Great optimization and well worth the money spent!!! I researched many of these m/kb to console adaptors and by far the XIM APEX has the best reviews, best optimal use and has won my heart.

Is Cronus Zen any good?

It would get 5 stars but it’s still a tad cheap/glitchy and can freeze or just fail to work at times. Maybe it’s bad scripts, maybe it’s faulty usb cords, but aside from that it’s a perfect tool to use any controller or mouse n keyboard on console. The zen is a great product.

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What is better Titan 2 or Cronus Zen?

On paper, the Titan Two wins. But practically, both devices should more or less have equally good input response times. Cronus Zen: The Cronus Zen fully supports all models of the StrikePacks. Titan Two: The Titan Two supports the StrikePack Eliminator for Xbox and likely also the StrikePack Dominator for Xbox.

Is XIM apex aimbot?

Published by Fortnite Aimbot on April 22, 2020

Empowers gamers with the state-of-the-art without bombarding them with unneeded complexity. Through XIM’s unique Smart Translator technology, for XIM APEX is able to provide unparalleled 1-to-1 gaming precision that consistently performs in every game you for Play.

Can you get aimbot with CronusMax?

CronusMax Plus Aimbot is a Mouse & Keyboard Adapter/Converter for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Simply install your specific Game gamepack and you are ready to get amazing mods. Check out their introduction video and featured aimbot mods below to find out if CronusMax Plus aimbot is for you!

Is XIM apex cheating?

The Titan Two is NOT cheating. Using a special controller, XIM, or anything else is NOT cheating. People have been using macros and weird input setups on PC since PC gaming was a thing, and it has never been considered cheating and thus it should not on console either.

Can you get banned for using XIM apex?

No-one, ever, has been banned for using a XIM.

Does Walmart sell XIM apex?

XIM Apex – Keyboard / mouse adapter – USB – –

Will Cronus Zen get you banned?

CAN I GET BANNED FROM XBOX LIVE OR PSN? No. Cronus Zen uses stealth technology and is 100% fully undetectable online due to how we use an original controller for its security ID.

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Do pros use Cronus Zen?

Note: Nintendo Joy-Cons and the Nintendo Switch Pro are fully supported by Cronus Zen. Cronus Zen supports most licensed Xbox 360 wired controllers (Play and Charge Kits are not compatible).

Is using Cronus Zen cheating?

It is 100% cheating, I was shooting an sks on full auto with no noticable recoil at all.

Does Cronus Zen work ps5?

Cronus Zen supports all versions of the PlayStation 5 console (requires 3rd party ps4 controller). Connect your favorite Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and Wii controllers – inc. Mouse & Keyboard support!

How much does the Cronus Zen cost?

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This item Cronus Zen Controller Emulator for Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo and PC (CM00053)
Price $13900
Shipping FREE Shipping. Details
Sold By r-view
Item Dimensions 5.35 x 6.69 x 1.57 inches

What do I need for Cronus Zen?

Pair any compatible wireless Bluetooth controller directly to the Cronus Zen in seconds without the need for expensive add-ons or third-party USB Bluetooth adapters. Cronus Zen also supports both Xbox One & Xbo 360 Wireless Adapters (the Xbox One Wireles Adapter is highly recommened over Bluetooth – sold separately).