What are the 8 areas of Feng Shui Bagua?

What should be in each Bagua area?

Feng Shui Tips for All the Bagua Areas of Your Home

  • North Bagua Area: Career and Path in Life.
  • Northeast Bagua Area: Spirituality and Personal Growth.
  • East Bagua Area: Health and Family.
  • Southeast Bagua Area: Wealth and Abundance.
  • South Bagua Area: Fame and Reputation.
  • Southwest Bagua Area: Love and Marriage.

How is Bagua area calculated?

If you live in a house:

Place the career area of your home where your compass indicates north. The south will be your reputation area, the east will be your ancestors and health area, and so on. Alternatively, you can also calculate your bagua map (and some associated tips for each area) online.

How do you use feng shui bagua at home?

How Do You Apply the Bagua?

  1. Use an accurately scaled floor plan of your home (or room).
  2. Rotate the plan so the wall with the front door is at the bottom.
  3. Overlay a three-by-three grid, with the bottom of the grid aligned with the wall with the front door.
  4. Make sure the grid is equally spaced.
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How do I use feng shui bagua map?

How to apply the Bagua map

  1. You need to obtain a copy of the floorplan drawn to scale. …
  2. Draw the Bagua map on top of the floor plan. …
  3. Place the map on top of your floor plan. …
  4. After you draw the Bagua map correctly over your clients’ floor plans, you can identify where the Guas are.


What is the Bagua area?

The bagua is the feng shui energy map comprised of eight life areas around a center. “Ba” translates to eight, and “gua” means area, so “bagua” means eight areas in Chinese. Each bagua area has attributes associated with it. You can activate a gua by bringing in the color, element or shape.

How do you decorate Health Bagua?

Artwork is a simple way to bring good feng shui energy into a space. Art that evokes healthy living and family harmony is great for this bagua area, though it ideally should display colors of the wood (or water) element. Plus, wood element art, such as an image of a forest, can help to strengthen the area’s energy.

What is a bagua symbol?

Bagua (Chinese: 八卦; pinyin: bā guà) literally: eight symbols, eight areas. The octagonal trigram template is a common symbol for the term Bagua. The template has eight (ba) areas (guas), connecting two neighbouring corners of the octagonal trigram towards the centre to form one gua.

What is a missing Bagua area?

Missing Bagua areas can signify a missing piece of your life. Your goal is to create a complete shape for the Bagua map — and thus bring a sense of wholeness to your life. Here is a floor plan with a few missing areas, and suggested ways to make adjustments that create positive Feng Shui.

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Where is my wealth corner in Feng Shui?

Where is the Wealth Corner in Feng Shui? When you are standing at your front door, your feng shui wealth corner is at the back left corner of your house or room.

Does Feng Shui actually work?

Unfortunately, environmental psychologists who have studied Feng Shui have concluded that there is no evidence that following Feng Shui principles have any measurable effect on human beings. The main problem is that there is no reason to believe that “chi” even exists, and without Chi there can be no Feng Shui.

Does Bagua really work?

Bagua mirrors can be very powerful—especially concave and convex mirrors—and they can do more harm than good if they are not used properly. Therefore, it is best to work with a professional feng shui consultant for help with using concave or convex bagua mirrors around your home.

How can I know my lucky direction?

How to Calculate Feng Shui Kua Number?

  1. Kua Number for Male: Add the last two numbers of your year of birth. If it’s 0, use 10 instead. …
  2. Kua Number for Female: Add the last two numbers of your year of birth. If it’s 0, use 10 instead. …
  3. Take a man born in 01/16/1982 for an example. The formula is: ● 8+2=10.

What should I put for career Area Feng Shui?

Here is what creates good feng shui in the Career bagua area of your home:

  • A big mirror. The mirror should be ideally round or oval in a metal frame.
  • Images in black and white. …
  • An actual water feature. …
  • Lights. …
  • Art with water feng shui element colors and shapes. …
  • Paint the walls.
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What are the rules of feng shui?

General Feng Shui Decorating Tips

  • Make a good impression with your front door. In order to attract energy into your home, you need a welcoming front door.
  • Clear the clutter. …
  • Make use of crystals. …
  • Make sure air and light can get in. …
  • Place the bed and desk towards doorways. …
  • Add a natural element.


What do you put in the wealth corner of a bedroom?

Place an image of a glowing candle, bright lights or anything that symbolizes fire. If there’s a bedroom in SE, then don’t keep fish aquarium (or anything related to water), plants and mirrors in there. You can – and must – keep a wealth vase in the closet of the bedroom.