Who can chant sudarshana mantra?

It is advised to do it sitting in front of an idol or picture of Lord Sudarshana/Lord Vishnu. You can recite it for 3, 9, 11 or 108 times as per your convenience. And any individual can chant this maha mantra; there are no barriers.

Who can stop Sudarshan Chakra?

Who can stop Sudarshan Chakra? Then the king himself found what he thought was a way out of his dilemma. Lord Krishna used the Sudarshan Chakra to kill Shishupal after he had committed a hundred sins.

Who is Lord sudarshana?

Sudarshana or Chakraperumal is the bali bera of Narasimha, where he stands with 16 arms holding emblems of Vishnu with a circular background halo.

Where should we keep Sudarshan Chakra?

Place the Yantra facing the East or the North on a clean and sacred altar. Do not let other people touch the Yantra.

Why should we do Sudarshana Homam?

Sudarshana Homam is performed to get relief from evil eye and any other powerful enemies. It also heals the body and rejuvenates health. It also gives a relief from unintended worries and sufferings. This Homam is also performed to accelerate the business and career growth.

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Which is more powerful than Sudarshan Chakra?

Trishul was more powerful than sudharshan chakra or any other astras in the Hindu mythology. Also lord Vishnu received sudharshan chakra from Mahadev itself.

Is Sudarshan Chakra most powerful?

1. The Sudarshan Chakra is considered one of the most powerful weapons ever used in the cosmic world. This divine discus is believed to have 108 notched edges and travels at incredible speed. The Chakra is stated to travel millions of Yojanas (1 Yojana= 8 kilometers) by the time we blink once.

What is sudarshana Maha Mantra?

The meaning of the Sudarshana Maha Mantra is as given below: “O Lord Krishna, you are the protector and controller of the universe. You are also supreme being and the beloved of the gopikas. O Paramathma, protect me from all sorts of evils. You are the Lord who has the entire world in his hands.

Who is more powerful Shiva or Vishnu?

Shiva is the supreme god who creates and destroy every universe, and the other hand Vishnu(I am taking about mahavishnu as he is the strongest form of Vishnu) is a deity , who has many limitations, but shiva don’t have any limitations, Shiva’s power and knowledge is infinite where as Vishnu’s power is limited and …

Who gave Sudarshana Chakra to Krishna?

Today in this episode, we are going to give you information about when Sudarshan Chakra was first used by Krishna. It is said that Lord Parashuram gave the Sudarshan Chakra to Lord Krishna.

Did Shiva gave Sudarshan Chakra to Vishnu?

Seeing the devotion of Vishnu, Lord Shiva was very pleased and told him to ask for a boon. Then Lord Vishnu asked for the boon of invincible weapons to destroy the demons. Then Lord Shiva bestowed the Sudarshan Chakra to Vishnu.

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Who can stop Trishul?

( From Advaita Point of view) It is also written that The Absolute Truth is One. Lord in His Vishnu form can stop the Trishul of His Shiva form if such need arises at all. He is Omnipotent.

Can Sudarshan Chakra destroy Karna kavach?

All astra including Sudarshan chakra, Trident (Trishul), Pashupatastra, Brahmastra were totally INCAPABLE of penetrating the divne armour of Karna. … ******Here, See Krishna himself accepted it was IMPOSSIBLE to defeat Karna with his Kavach-Kundal. EVEN SUDARSHAN CHAKRA would FAIL AGAINST ARMOUR OF KARNA.

Which Homam is good for marriage?

Gandharva raja homam is done to clear the blocks and obstacles in the marriage process or to clear the delay in getting married. It is said that lord Shiva did gandharva raja homam to get married to goddess parvathi.

Can we do Chandi Homam at home?

Perform Chandi Homam at two places. The primary place is Gokarna. The secondary place is Chandi homam at home or your preferred place. All puja procedures under the guidance of Vedic experts of Gokarna Puja Services.

Can we do Homam at home?

Offer your prayer to Lord Ganesh and start the havan ritual by arranging 3-4 pieces of wood in the Havan Kund. Take water in your right hand by spoon and recite ‘OM AMRTIO UPASTRANMASI SWAHA’ and drink the water. … After chanting the Mantra, recite ‘Swaha’ and add some Ghee and Hawan Samagri.