Who is the composer of Meditation from Thais?

When was Meditation Thais composed?


What key is Thais Meditation?

Ре мажор

When did Massenet write Thais?

Its famous Méditation, the entr’acte for violin and orchestra played between the scenes of act 2, is an oft-performed concert music piece; it has been arranged for many different instruments.

Thaïs (opera)

Language French
Based on novel Thaïs by Anatole France
Premiere 16 March 1894 Opéra Garnier, Paris

How long is opera Thais?

3 hours and 11 minutes, including two intermissions.

Who wrote meditation violin?

Jules Massenet

How long is Thais by Massenet?

In the second scene of Act II, following the Méditation, Thaïs tells Athanaël that she will follow him to the desert. The piece is in D major and is approximately five minutes long (although there are a number of interpretations that stretch the piece to over six minutes).

Who was tais?

Thais, (flourished 4th century bc), Athenian courtesan who traveled with the army of Alexander the Great in its invasion of Persia. She is chiefly known from the story that represents her as having persuaded Alexander to set fire to the Achaemenian capital of Persepolis in the course of a drunken revel.

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